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WordPress installations with a friendly face.


I set up websites for small businesses or individuals. Specifically I use opensource (free) software to create web pages that are fast and reliable. The software I use is called a Content Management System or CMS. There are lots of free CMSs around but I use one called WordPress. WordPress was designed for Bloggers – people who write “Web-logs” which is something of an online diary. WordPress also lends itself to company websites, online stores for real or virtual goods, as an online booking system for Bed and Breakfasts or small hotels, showcases or galleries for artists – in short, anyone who is looking for an online presence.

If the software I use is free to anyone, why should you pay me to set your site up for you? Well, whilst you might have heard of WordPress before, it can take quite some time to get started from scratch and you can save yourself lots of work by having someone set your site up for you and help with the design aspects. In addition I will show you how to make posts and pages on your site and what the difference is between the two. All you have to do is decide what you want to put on your site!




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Under Construction

This site is not fully functional as it is used as a test site.