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This site is used as a test/sandbox site and so is not fully functional.

Why blog about web stuff?

This site is a portfolio of the sites I have designed. I consider them to be all my own work but fully admit none of them would be here without the sweat and (probably) tears of others. As I build the blog I’ll share links for the sites I get my information from – who has helped me a long the way and will share the things I learn.

This blog is not for you – it’s mine, all mine I tell you!  It’s kind of a portfolio I can share with people but it’s also supposed to be a place where I can share my web design journey. Some things I have decided to store here so I can refer back to them – little snippets or tutorials that I know I’ll want to read again. If you get some benefit from reading this – great. If not – look elsewhere. It’s a vast internet, you can’t expect me to file it all for you.

Things you might find here include (but is not limited to):

  • Stuff I have learned about Photoshop, Illustrator, other software
  • Updates on My SEO campaigns – good and bad
  • Plugins I love for WordPress
  • WordPress (my friend)
  • Links to my own sites
  • Hosting bits and bobs
  • Someone to set up a WordPress site for you on the cheap
  • Things I have learned about social networking
  • Snippets of useful things about ecommerce
  • Information you never needed about me

Things you will not find here (no matter how hard you look):

  • Celebrity gossip
  • Pictures of fluffy kittens
  • Spiritual enlightenment, God or the path to heaven
  • Cute stories about my kids

Now we’ve got that straight you can carry on reading – or not.

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Under Construction

This site is not fully functional as it is used as a test site.